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Bauckham on Gospel of John

Bauckham writes, these essays “cohere within an approach to the Gospel that differs very significantly from the approach that has been dominant in Johannine scholarship since the late 1970s.” As such, this volume, with a substantial new introduction, represents a must-have for scholars and students of the Fourth Gospel.

Introduction can be read here.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction 9
2. Papias and Polycrates on the Origin of the Gospel of John 33
3. The Beloved Disciple as Ideal Author 73
4. Historiographical Characteristics of the Gospel of John 93
5. The Audience of the Gospel of John 113
6. The Qumran Community and the Gospel of John 125
7. Nicodemus and the Gurion Family 137
8. The Bethany Family in John 11ā€“12: History or Fiction? 173
9. Did Jesus Wash His Disciplesā€™ Feet? 191
10. Jewish Messianism according to the Gospel of John 207
11. Monotheism and Christology in the Gospel of John 239
12. The Holiness of Jesus and His Disciples in the Gospel of John 253
13. The 153 Fish and the Unity of the Fourth Gospel 271