William Perkins on the New Creation

In his commentary on Galatians, William Perkins captures the necessity of becoming a new creation very well. He writes:

“the new creature is the only thing that is acceptable to God.”

It is one thing to be a forgiven sinner; it is quite another to become a man or woman of new affection and thought that enters into a profound relationship with the living God. Again, Perkins comments:

“By the new creature, the Apostle understands the image of God, or renovation of the whole man, both in the spirits of our minds, and in the affections of our hearts, which is also called the new man.”

In other words, God can not accept us and commune with us unless we are entirely new beings, people who have been renovated by the gospel to desire and think of God. And that is just what new creation accomplishes.


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  1. lee barnes on

    Is the idea of a new creation not a process, an on-going ontological experience which is shaped and formed through our responses and initiations with God. If so then are you saying that God cannot accept us until that work is done. Or at our moment of becoming a new creation all that was needed to implement this – happened. If there is a danger of re-living the ‘old man’ then surely it is a fluid actualization?

  2. jdodson on

    You are correct to point out that new creation is not a process. New creation is a function of inaugurated eschatology. We are new creation from the moment of regeneration but our new nature is not fully consummated in real time expression until “we see him and become like him, just as he is.”

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