Theology: in a global perspective

Tim Tennent’s second major book, Theology in the Context of World Christianity explores Systematic Theology from a Global perspective. Tennent takes an interdisciplinary approach, relying on biblical exegesis and contextual theologies to present the various doctrines that comprise systematic theology in a global perspective. Here are the table of contents:

1. The Emergence of a Global Theological Discourse

2. Theology: Is the Father of Jesus the God of Muhammad?

3. Bibliology: Hindu Sacred Texts in Pre-Christian Past

4. Anthropology: Human Identity in Shame-Based Cultures of the Far East

5. Christology: Christ as Healer and Ancestor in Africa

6. Soteriology: Is “Salvation by Grace through Faith” Unique to Christianity?

7. Pneumatology: The Holy Spirit in Latin American Pentecostalism

8. Ecclesiology: Followers of Jesus in Islamic Mosques

9. Eschatology: Jonathan Edwards and the Chinese Back to Jerusalem Movement

10. The Emerging Contours of Global Theology


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